"I will not be ruled. I make my own rules. That is the mindset of a ruler." -Koon Aguero Agnis, Tower of God

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Tokyo Ghoul || 01x02 || 01x05
Kaneki and Nishio protecting their significant others

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Interviewer: Will there be any LGQBT characters in RWBY?
Monty: Absolutely!
Monty: They might be there right now : )
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pt 1

I’m really bad with comics but I felt like continuing it a little and making it slightly less sad

and maybe a little because I wanted to draw more crying trembling kaneki

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I was going to draw them being romantic but uh..

I feel like he’d have a much easier time telling him he loves him rather than confessing that he became a ghoul (though hide probably knows about both already)

edit: pt 2

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when you didn’t hear what the other person said

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rin looks like he’s wearing heelys 


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so you know…

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These glasses are epic.

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Sly and Mizuki (`・ω・´)”
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I have received permission from the artist to repost their work. { x }
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